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Web Analytics Wednesday Singapore

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I’m quite excited to meet other web analytics folks. I’m really looking forward to this one.



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November 10, 2009 at 2:22 pm

ad:tech Singapore – The Analytics Sessions

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I attended two sessions at Day 2 of ad:tech Singapore this year – thanks to the fact that no one else wanted to do those ones on the agency passes that we had.

I hate to say that I was mildly disappointed. There was a thin crowd, and the panel and talk weren’t close to being interesting for someone who works in analytics. They were targeted more to n00bs who have a very limited understanding of web analytics. I came back feeling silly for spending a couple of hours there during a busy week at work. Perhaps it was to do with me feeling excited about going to my first ad:tech. ad:tech needs to manage audience expectations better, next time. Or perhaps it’s just the nature of the audience in Singapore (quite likely).

The first one was a panel featuring Marc Gagne, APAC Director, Omniture who moderated Jayne Leung, Head of Sales New Media, DoubleClick, Anton Konikoff, Founder & CEO, Acronym, Nick Gundry, Manager Marketing Services, InterContinental Hotels Group, Asia Pacific and Jeff Zweig, Chief Guru, Web Guru Asia. I got the impression that they were doing this because they had to. The moderator even addressed Jeff as Joe or something (I forget). They spoke faux-passionately about how analytics is important and such. That Anton is probably a colourful character. One interesting point that came up is about InterContinental’s analytics team – 40 people strong! Wow. I’d like to meet that team and see what they do some time. It must be pretty exciting stuff.

The second one was called ‘Effective Measurement & Understanding Analytics’. It featured Jereme Wong, COO of Clicktrue, which, we were reminded quite a few times, is Singapore’s only Google Analytics Authorized Consultant. His presentation is here. And Will Hodgman, EVP of comScore. His presentation is here. I hate to say this, but both presentations felt like shills to me. Wong gave a generic and introductory talk about what GA can do for you. Which is fine really, but only for someone who doesn’t have a clue. I wish I’d known before I stepped in. Some part of his talk rehashed Avinash Kaushik’s 2007 book. I don’t blame Wong. Singapore’s one of those places where some people are doing cutting edge best-in-class web analytics, and the others are doing nothing. He went for the gallery. Fair enough.

Jereme Wong at ad:tech Singapore 2009

Jereme Wong at ad:tech Singapore 2009

Hodgman’s was about the upcoming Media Metrix 360, which is comScore’s upcoming platform for web-audience measurement (as they seem to call it). It promises to be a pretty useful tool, theoretically, and can add a whole new dimension to one’s multichannel analytics. Let’s see how it performs once it’s out. They also gave out three bottles of wine to folks who answered some silly questions of theirs. I don’t like that. I’d rather that folks drew in and engaged their audience with strong content, instead of strong hooch.

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June 15, 2009 at 10:36 am