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What Good is the Microsite?

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Recently, the agency I work for built a microsite for a client’s campaign.

The client, not the friendliest even in good times, was full of questions about how ‘effective’ the microsite (and the entire campaign) is. To add to the mess, it was an ‘engagement’ campaign, designed to generate thought about the brand, and an awareness of the impact the brand has had on it’s customers. No loud calls-to-action, no sales push.

If you ask me, it’s a great campaign. I can not tell you more about the details because I’m bound by confidentiality. But the buzz, whatever little, is very positive. It’s a B2B service and not the sort of thing that website or microsite visitors will sign up for immediately. It’s not Amazon or eBay.

Naturally, being the Data Monkey here, I was dragged into heated discussions on the campaign and it’s impact. The client wasn’t in a position to share ANY internal data with us. Nor is there any brand health tracking.

While the battle is ongoing, and I’m continuously coming up with different metrics to ‘prove that the campaign works’, which is the most annoying task, I found this eMarketer post on Deep Brand Engagement very useful. It essentially gives benchmarks from a study about how people who interacted with a brand online either buy it, or recommend it.

Fortunately, my client bought the stats (I don’t, completely, without seeing the data and the methodology). I’m posting because someone else might find it useful, too.

Sorry for the ‘Rant’ish nature of the post, it’s been a hard week so far.


Written by newhighscore

November 19, 2009 at 12:59 pm