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Crazy Egg

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I intend to review a bunch of web analytics tools as I go along.

Today, a look at Crazy Egg, one of those really exciting tools which is no more free (but definitely worth it if you don’t mind shelling out $9 a month).

For a while, Crazy Egg was the closest you get to a free tool that can give the kind of insights that Omniture’s ClickMap gives. They’re not exactly the same tool, but are very useful when working with a designer to redesign or re-layout a page. The do both a heatmap and the click-overlay thing. However, if you’re using a free tool and not Omniture, the fee might be worth your while – at least for your more important pages since there are slabs by number of pages tracked. And the tool called Confetti works like a segmentation add-in.

Crazy Egg Heatmap

Some of the strong features which it brings to the table include the ability to show where folks have clicked (even if they aren’t links). I haven’t tried it out on a live implementation yet, but the demos look interesting. I’m definitely going to keep this in mind for future implementations.


Written by newhighscore

July 9, 2009 at 4:13 pm