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Measurement And Ownership

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This is a bit of a Rant.

Very often, I find that it’s the Research Department that ‘buys’ analytics (or the IT folks, if it’s only web analytics). I have found this to be a problem-area. These departments are not directly measured on the quality of insights generated, or to go a step further, business success. They look at themselves as operational or implementation folks, the guys who have to get the system in place, and ensure everything is running smoothly. Which is great, because someone has to. Otherwise we’d be in the stone ages.

But that affects the specialist analytics and insights (and even business consultants). Because these guys are usually the people holding up analytics work.

“Our Omniture implementation has to be tweaked a little more before I can give you the data”

“The agency hasn’t come back with the data – we can’t afford to pay them simply for the datapull”

“Why do we need an analytics vendor? The research agency should give us the insights”

And the best one:

“I don’t have clearance to give you data”

Seriously, folks. Your firm is paying an analytics agency to answer some questions (which you could have answered, but didn’t). The least you can do is to help out and be part of the entire process of answering the questions, instead of being a bottleneck. Because when this situation is flagged by the ‘owner’ of the results (the Brand Manager, the Product Manager, the Website Channel Manager, whoever), the data will end up being shared anyhow.

Sorry for the rant, but I’ve recently been facing the wrath of a few such individuals, who insist on ‘safeguarding’ the data with their own insecurity.


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June 30, 2009 at 4:06 pm

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