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Here’s a quick look at two of the tools to check websites for analytics code implementation.


The Web Analytics Solution Provider was built by Immeria and is probably the best tool out there for auditing a website’s analytics code implementation. It provides a whole bunch of solutions, and I’m told that the purchased version is quite powerful – I presently use the Firefox plugin, and it’s most satisfactory. The only drawback is if you’re a non-Firefox user.


I discovered SiteScanGA via the content at Google Analytics’ Conversion University site.

It’s a useful free tool to scan an entire website for tracking code implementation – which makes it a very useful starting point for all kinds of exercises. I’ve commisioned a sample scan for one of the non-profit websites which I help pro-bono, and expect a report soon. I’ll post again if there’s anything awry with the report.


A very simple plugin that I use on my Firefox which just simply tells you what cookies are being used – it’s not exactly a web analytics tool, but is a useful tool to keep an eye on how websites are tracking you – something one needs to continously do, as a professional.


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July 17, 2009 at 2:01 pm

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