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Bounce Rate in Site Catalyst

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Bounce Rate is among the most used web analytics terms around, ever since Avinash Kaushik made it the metric to look at for page abandonment. I agree – it’s definitely an important metric, especially if you’re spending time and money on driving traffic to your website.

There is some discussion on how Site Catalyst can be used to create a bounce rate metric. Here, and here. However, both explanations are too simplistic. If my campaign is a good one, I’ll often attract visitors who only need to look at a single page for what they want to know, and leave (assume that nothing is clicked upon). The concept of using Single Page Access / Entries will count such an instance as a ‘bounce’.

Some may argue that this is a rare occurence – I don’t think so. It’s a common enough occurence, especially if you have certain information-laden pages which work well to attract a well-targeted audience. Ideally, there should be a way to filter the instances of Single Page Access AND less than 5 seconds spent (If I remember correctly, Avinash recommends 5 seconds in his book).

I’m yet to find a good solution to this quandary.

Written by newhighscore

July 15, 2009 at 10:57 am

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